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    Underground Cable Location

Before you start digging, you must know the location of the underground cables and other services near you.

Does your project involve digging, site works or construction? Do you know where your services are located?

Underground services—such as electrical, telecommunication and NBN cables, water and sewage pipes, gas pipes and fuel lines—are located everywhere. It is vital that before commencing excavation work you know the exact whereabouts of the nearby underground services.

Disrupting or damaging underground services could land you in hot water. You could be liable to pay for repair and insurance costs, leaving you out of pocket.

Not to mention the delay it could put on your work schedule and the inconvenience of creating a new plan.

In Western Australia you are required by law that you use an accredited service locator to mark underground utilities before you start your excavation project.

At DJL Electrical we provide quality, underground utility location services. We will come out to your site and locate and mark the underground services near you to help minimize the risk to your project disrupting or damaging these services.

We use Electromagnetic Field (EMF) locating techniques to identify all of the underground services in your work area. EMF techniques locate metallic or conductive materials underground. Many of our sewerage, water and gas pipes are made of conductive materials as well as our electrical cables so they are able to be located by our RADIODETECTION C.A.T4+ locator.

We then mark these locations to ensure that everyone on your project knows where they are. This reduces the risk of inadvertent damage to cables, pipes and other services.

For underground services not made of conductive material, we can use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques. GPR works by collecting sub surface images through the use of high frequency radar pulses. Once we have these images, we can move in and mark the location of the underground services.

GPR techniques can even penetrate through surfaces such as bitumen and concrete slab, making it even more effective!

We can use EMF in conjunction with GPR locating to provide a comprehensive and accurate location service. This gives you and your team a high degree of confidence that your project is safe to proceed.

At DJL Electrical, we understand the level of risk that construction work poses to underground services and utilities. Alternatively, we also understand the level of risk that unidentified and unmarked utilities pose to construction work.

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