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    Backup Generator Hire

Need to power-up?

DJL Electrical supply backup power generators throughout Albany, Denmark and the Great Southern.

Would a power outage damage your business?

Do you need the security of a backup power supply?

Will you have a scheduled outage during a critical time in your project?

Are you at a remote location but you still need power?

DJL Electrical can help. We provide portable and backup power generators for hire.

A backup generator provides you with a portable electricity source that is powered by either petrol or diesel. It can make sure that your equipment or facilities have essential power even when mains electricity is unavailable. It can minimise business downtime during a power outage or supply power where there currently is no permanent electrical source.

Remember its not enough just to have a backup or portable generator: connecting it up to your equipment may require a licensed electrical contractor depending on the connection set-up. DJL Electrical are fully licensed electrical contractors and will make sure that your generator setup is safe and fully compliant with WA regulations.

Call Us 24/7

Power outages can happen at any time and DJL Electrical can provide a backup generator 24/7. If an emergency strikes, call us and we will come out to provide you with backup power immediately: from small portable units to large capacity trailer mounted generators.

All Sizes and Capacities

DJL Electrical can supply you with a power generator in a range of difference sizes. Our range of generators can handle many different types of situations from running small domestic equipment and appliances to industrial applications such as commercial kitchens, welding equipment, and construction sites. If noise emission is a concern, we can provide trailer mounted generators that are designed for silent operation.

If you need advice on what size backup generator you will need, give the office a call on 9841 6003 we will be happy to help.

Remote Locations

Diesel powered generators provide a reliable source of power to a location where there currently isn’t any mains power. Whether you have a new build or an event that requires temporary power in a remote location, DJL Electrical can deliver power to you across Albany, Denmark and the Great Southern region.


We provide a range of accessories to support the use of your backup generator:

  • from distribution boards to large transfer switches to help connect your equipment to the generator itself
  • power adaptors to handle different power supply needs
  • cable ramps to keep your workplace safe and free from trip hazards

Operating and Maintaining Your Backup Power Supply

Once your backup generator is in place, it will need to be refuelled and maintained. DJL Electrical can monitor your generator to ensure that a continual supply of electricity is maintained.

Remember, DJL Electrical provide a complete solution to your emergency and backup power needs.


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